Energy Performance Engineering, LLC (EPE) assists clients to integrate ultimate performance and energy efficiency into building systems to meet the needs of growing complexity and intelligence of building control network.

The value of EPE’s commissioning services is beyond finding and documenting deficiencies. We help  building owners make the best and most use of their facilities in preventing problems and demonstrating compliance with Basis of Design and Owner’s Project Requirements through commissioning.

Core Services

System Commissioning

A project delivery process of ensuring that systems are designed, installed, tested, and operated/maintained per owner’s operational needs.

  • New Construction Commissioning
  • Existing Building Commissioning
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning
  • Virtual Commissioning

Energy Performance Engineering

Building Controls & Design

A robust Direct Digital Control (DDC) system design in Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning control application.

  • HVAC System Diagnostics
  • Control Retrofit Design
  • Control System Optimization
  • Digital Controls Master Planning
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • Measurement & Verification

Energy Performance Engineering

Facility Asset Management

An effective strategy for sustainable facility and resource management.

  • Facilities Management Support
  • Asset Management Strategic Planning
  • Site Analysis/Evaluation

What Makes EPE Stand Out

EPE delivers our unique commissioning and controls services by putting your functional building systems as our top priority. A commissioning provider needs to collaborate with owners, owner’s representative, designers, and installation contractors. With the recent sustainable building trends that a commissioning provider needs to have adequate credentials to achieve quality work as the building is turned over to owners.

EPE’s founder, Mr. James Jen, not only holds the most rigorous and the highest level of commissioning credentials, but in his past experience has  also worked as a facilities engineer on the owner side, worked as a designer for a larger A/E firm, and as a building controls contractor; which helps him to have full knowledge of the role of each stakeholders – owner, designers, and contractors, in the implementation of the commissioning process and uniquely fitted the role of lead Cx agent to assist building owners to receive high-performance building systems. Also, our commissioning process and procedures match current Federal total building commissioning standards and industrial best practice.

EPE did a great job assuring that all commissioning requirements were met for this very challenging project.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the commissioning process managed by EPE.

EPE exceeded the City’s expectations and was able to complete all technical aspects of the commissioning process while also managing good relationships with all parties, all within greatly extended timelines and delays.

Jim Coker, Supervising Project Manager, City of Portland, Oregon

It is clear that Jimmy has a deep understanding of the project requirements and that he was working to drive the project to a successful completion. As discrepancies arose, Jimmy provided insight based on his knowledge and helped all parties come to the conclusion that was best for the project. The testing plans developed by EPE were very thorough and they allowed for us to have a successful testing phase before building delivery.

Adi Dobos, Project Superintendent, Glen/Mar Construction

Good communication; being able to follow up helps us make proper decisions to keep our project on track.  Also, great understanding of the project and it showed on the success of design and final execution of project. EPE was able to meet our schedule and help keep project moving on to construction.

Luis Umana, Project Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
James Jen Elee Jen

James & Elee Jen, founders and owners of Energy Performance Engineering.

EPE Projects