Project Description

Location: Eugene, OR

In the first year of occupancy after a major renovation, thermal comfort complaints were received at the City of Eugene Police Headquarters. The renovation included a new VAV Reheat Air Handling System, but due to an inadequate budget for a proper commissioning effort, operational and comfort issues were not found or resolved until after the project closed. EPE was brought in to collaborate and resolve the police department’s challenges with the proper control sequences and operational practices. Corrections included implementation of strategies for supply air temperature reset, duct static pressure reset, CO2 controls in high density spaces, and dual maximum zone controls. Correct function helped to resolve the comfort issues and make the building operate as intended.

Additionally, the building’s VAV boxes use electric reheat coils. As a result of this retro-commissioning effort, and implementation of the mentioned strategies the department can expect much lower energy costs.

Owner: City of Eugene

Client: City of Eugene