Project Description

Location:  Spokane, WA
EPE is the prime Commissioning Authority contracted with Project Solutions Inc.  This is a retro-commissioning study of building automation system control assessment project including the hydronic integration systems for both central chilled water plant and heating water system between Thomas Foley and United States Post Office (USPO) Buildings.  The commissioning scope included the complete season functional testing and trend log analysis.  Most testing issues have been brought to resolution.  The commissioning plan outlined the testing of all air systems from the United States Post Office and hydronic systems from the Thomas Foley Courthouse.
Thomas Foley Courthouse in encompasses approximately 301,000 gross SF.  The basement contains the central hydronic equipment to feed the need of both the court house and US Post Office.  The hydronic heating and chilled water pipeline network is construction through an underground tunnel.
Owner: GSA
Client: Project Solutions, Inc